Digital X-Rays

Why are digital x-rays important?

Digital x-rays are computer-generated images that give a more clear picture of your overall oral health. With x-rays, the Doctor can diagnose treatment for you that best fits your needs.

Digital x-rays require significantly less (90% less) radiation than conventional film x-rays. Additionally, the traditional silver-oxide x-rays needed caustic materials to develop or process the film is no longer used.

X-ray projections appear on the computer monitors in the office within a few seconds in full-view so that both the patients and our team can simultaneously view the results. The computer allows us to enlarge, highlight, magnify, invert and contrast the x-ray photo so we can identify problem areas. This technology adds further benefits for our patients because we can detect cavities much more efficiently and sooner and smaller decay + cavities than ever before. That means we can correct any problems before they become too serious.

Why are digital x-rays important?

  1. The digital dental X-ray system is more sensitive than film
  2. Significantly reduces radiation
  3. Let’s you see what the Dentist sees
  4. No need to store or process the X-rays
  5. Used photo chemicals aren’t used so the environment is not impacted.
  6. Dental checkups take less time
Created by Korawan. M